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Solar Panels Colorado: 15 Amazing Facts About Solar in the State

Solar Panels Colorado

Are you looking for a reliable source of energy that will help you save on energy bills? If so, you should invest in solar energy.

In Colorado, on average, there are more than 300 days of sunshine, making it an ideal state for investing in solar power. All you need to do is install solar panels, and you won't have to worry more about power outages.

Installing solar panels is easy, and low maintenance costs are involved. You will also enjoy rebates and incentives if you install solar panels with the help of professionals.

Besides, if you are to sell a home with solar panels, you would fetch a better price. But that's not all. There are many other reasons why you should invest in solar panels in Colorado.

To better understand why investing in solar panels is a good option, you should know interesting facts about solar panels first.

Continue reading to know the 15 amazing facts about solar in the State of Colorado

1. Solar Power is the Most Abundant Energy Source on Earth

Some people tend to mistake electricity as the most abundant source of energy. But the amount of energy produced from solar is far way much than that produced by electricity.

On average, the amount of energy consumed by everyone on the planet equals the potential solar energy that lands on earth in one hour.

The amount of sunshine landing on earth for a period of 20 days can produce energy, whose summation is a total of all the coal, oil, and natural gas found on earth.

This means the amount of energy acquired from solar energy in one month would sustain homesteads and industries for many years.

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2. Solar Power Is the Fastest Growing Source of Energy

According to SEIA, by 2019, there were more than 2 million solar system installations in the U.S alone. Three years before, there were only a million system installations.

This was a great milestone since it had taken almost 40 years to reach a million installations. With the continuous increase in solar power demand, it's probable that by 2023 there will be over 4 million solar system installations.

This will help reduce carbon print around the country and help most homeowners to save greatly in energy bills. If you haven't installed solar panels, then don't get left behind. Be among those people who will benefit from its use.

3. Solar Is the Cheapest Source of Energy in the World

The cost of installing and maintaining solar panels has been dropping significantly over the years. Since 2008 the cost had dropped by over 80 %. The cost of installing a new system dropped by $ 1.65 per watt by December 2016.

At this time, the cost of producing electricity from the wind, a close counterpart of solar, dropped to $1.66. This made solar energy the cheapest source of energy in the World.

For homesteads and industries to save on energy bills, they should take advantage of the cheap cost of solar energy installation.

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4. Solar Electricity Has Been There Since 1839

The ability to create electrical currents from the sun was first discovered in 1839. This was when Alexandre Edmon Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect.

Later, Russel Ohl invented the first solar panel, paving the way for more discoveries. In 1954 Bell Laboratories managed to come up with the first commercial panel.

5. The Efficiency of Solar Panel Is Higher Today Than Ever

According to NREL, most solar panels' efficiency in 2020 ranges between 15 % to 20 %. The first silicon solar panel ever created had a 6 % efficiency.

This means people with solar panels today are saving huge on energy bills. They are also enjoying a more reliable energy source due to more efficient solar panels.

6. Monocrystalline Silicon Panels Are the Most Efficient

Monocrystalline solar panels are made up of a single silicon crystal. Compared to polycrystalline panels, these solar panels are around five percent more efficient.

However, the higher efficiency also comes at a cost. This makes the monocrystalline silicon panels be more expensive than the polycrystalline ones.

But if you purchase your monocrystalline solar panels from dealers who enjoy economies of scale, you can get them at a discount.

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7. Solar Panels Can Produce Power in the Absence of Direct Sunlight

Some people mistakenly think there must be sunlight for solar panels to produce power. But that's not true. Whether it's cloudy or the sun is not directly beaming on the solar panels, they will still produce power.

As long as the hues are being reflected in your solar panels, they will be utilized to produce power. However, the direction solar panels face matters a lot.

For maximum solar harvesting, it's important to have the solar panels directly facing the sunlight. Therefore, you must ensure no shade from trees or buildings is blocking the solar panel's view.

8. Solar Energy Can Power an Entire Home and Beyond

Most solar systems are designed only to meet your daily energy consumption needs. These needs include running the air conditioners and other huge home appliances.

The presence of net metering ensures you only access the energy you need from the grid-tied systems. However, you can also add an energy storage battery to create a personal backup for solar energy.

With the backup, you will have saved yourself from the hassle of dealing with a power outage.

9. Most Homeowners Experience Break-even Point in Under a Decade

When making financial investments breakeven point is a key consideration. Solar investment is not any different.

You have to be concerned about the period it will take for your solar panels to pay off. The breakeven will occur when your energy savings equal the installation cost.

However, the breakeven points depend on various factors, such as maintenance procedures. But with most solar panels having a warranty of 25 years, it's an investment you don't have to worry about.

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10. You Don't Have to Buy Solar Panels Outright

If you have been shying away from installing solar panels due to a lack of enough funds, you have been missing out a lot. Even without the funds needed to cover the full solar panel cost, you can still have them installed at your home.

All you need is to choose a dealer who offers financing options for solar installation. There are solar installation dealers who partner with top banks or other lenders.

All you need is to choose the financing option with the lowest interest and other suitable terms.

11. Solar Increases Your Homes Value

When home buyers are looking for their dream home, they focus more on homes that will offer a return on their investment. Apart from the size of the home and location, the presence of solar energy can influence the amount of money a buyer will be willing to pay for your home.

According to a study done by Zillow, average homes with solar energy were fetching a price of 4.1 % more. Besides, property tax exemptions for a property with solar panels make them more enticing.

If you have a plan to increase your home's value, installing solar panels would be a good option.

12. Solar Energy Improves World Health

When fossil fuels are burnt, they emit nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere. The presence of nitrogen oxide within the atmosphere leads to the formation of acid rain and smog. Acid rain greatly impacts the environment negatively.

The presence of nitrogen pollutants in the air also affects the quality of the air we breath. But such incidents can be prevented through the use of solar energy.

It's estimated in 30 years, the use of solar energy can help reduce pollution by less than 100 tons of carbon dioxide. This would ensure there is clean air for everyone on the planet.

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13. Solar Power Can Power Airplanes and Charge Electric Vehicles

If you think of solar energy as a fad, you are mistaken. Some of the World's biggest companies have been investing hugely in manufacturing airplanes powered by solar energy only.

This is aimed to help cut down on the fuel energy cost. The cost of maintaining solar-powered planes is also lower compared to those relying on fuel.

The issue of charging electric vehicles using solar panels is still under the radar. However, if you pair an electric vehicle, solar panels, and home EV charger, you will be saving a lot.

You will be saving on both gas and electricity as well as the entire carbon footprint.

14. More than 250,000 People Work in the Solar Energy Industry

It's estimated that in 2019 alone, around 250,000 people were employed by the United States Solar Industry. This was an increase of 167 % from ten years ago.

If you install solar panels in your homes, you will be supporting the solar energy industry. This will mean the industry will manage to sustain the current employees and employ new ones.

15. Solar Panels are the Fastest Energy Source to Set Up

Solar panel installation is quite straightforward compared to other forms of energy. The solar grid systems perfectly tie onto the existing electrical systems.

The installation can last for as little as one day. If you need an emergency power source, installing solar panels would be the best option. Besides, solar energy is a free energy source and is here to stay.

The longer you wait before installing, the more savings you pass up. Hire a solar installation expert near you and have the solar energy running within a day.

But when hiring solar panel companies in Colorado, always ensure to go for the best. Ensure they are licensed, insured, and experienced before hiring them.

Read online reviews, especially from third-party sites such as Better Business Bureau, before hiring a solar installation company.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Solar Panels

After understanding interesting facts about solar panels, it's also important you understand how to get the most out of them.

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

During the day, it's possible to harvest as much solar energy as possible. Therefore, you must run appliances that consume a lot of energy during the day.

This will ensure you efficiently enjoy free electricity when the sunsets.

Clean Your Solar Panels

Solar panels are always under the exposure of elements. Over time they will get dirty. The presence of dirt, mold, and bird dropping can affect the efficiency of your solar panels.

But when cleaning solar panels, be cautious. Climbing over the roof to do the cleaning is a risky task. It's better to leave such work to professionals who are well equipped for such types of tasks.

Consider Energy Storage Devices

Do you have a battery system as a backup for your solar energy? If not, now it's the highest time you invest in one. The technology put on storage batteries has advanced a lot in recent years.

Modern batteries can house many hours of electricity for use when the sun is not shining. It also reduces the need to rely on the grid's energy which comes from fossil fuels.

Choose a reputable energy storage batter today and have a reliable energy backup.

Upgrade Your lightbulbs

Solar energy is a reliable energy source, but it does not mean you feed all of it to redundant technologies. If you are using old bulbs, you lose over 90 percent of the power provided.

It's better to upgrade to LED options with almost a hundred percent efficiency.

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You Now Know 15 Amazing Facts About Solar Panels in Colorado

Installing Solar panels in Colorado gives you the chance to enjoy a clean and renewable energy source. But that's not all. Other interesting facts about solar energy make it worth investing in.

Read the above guide and discover 15 amazing facts about solar in the States of Colorado.

Are you looking for reliable solar installation services in Colorado? At Skyline Solar, we got you covered.

We provide quality solar installations to help you save on energy bills and impact the environment.

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