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Everything about solar in Colorado

Solar Panel Installation Colorado

Why Solar?

Colorado is one of the fastest growing states in solar in the nation. Many coloradans have made the switch to solar because of the renewable energy benefits that come with solar. One reason to switch to solar panels in Colorado is the tax credit incentives. Another reason to switch to Solar is using clean energy from the sun directly to power your house, this helps to reduce greenhouse emissions and to be less dependent on fossil fuels. 

What if it's a cloudy day? 

Colorado has over 300 plus days a year of sun. This makes it easier for you to maximize your usage of solar across the year. For example, if you don’t use up too much energy in June, but are using more energy in January, you can use the energy that you sold to the electric company to buy back some energy in January. This in return allows the typical homeowner to save money over the course of the year. 

 Solar Panels are now able to produce energy even on a cloudy day if you can see sunlight you can still receive energy from your solar system which in return saves you money. Another misconception about solar panels is that living in a colder climate will ruin your solar panels but research has proven that they last just as long or even longer in cold conditions. 

Increase in home value!

The average home in Colorado increases by about 4% with the installation of solar panels. The reason why is the longevity of the solar panel.  Solar panels have a warranty to still operate with 80% efficiency even after 25 years of continuous use. Needless to say they will last a very long time to keep bringing you the sun's energy.  Many homeowners are choosing to make the switches to Solar primarily for this reason. This modification to the house is one of the best that you can do for the year of 2022 because of the tax rebates that are given with the switch to solar. The government is giving a 26 % federal credit off with just switching to solar. Now is the time to switch to get these amazing deals that are being offered.

How much does Solar cost in Colorado?

Determining how much solar panels cost in Colorado depends on a variety of factors. One main factor is how much kilowatts hours or energy that you use in a year. This will determine how many solar panels you will need because we will match the system to how much you will use.The next factor is to determine if this system will be able to fit on your roof. what you need may or may not fit on your roof. Skyline will provide this information for free to those who want to know how much it will cost to receive solar. This process is very fast and easy you can find out more information below

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What is Net Metering and storage batteries?

Net Metering Infographic

The Net Metering program is the process of using your solar power to put money in your pocket. The energy you produce with your solar is first used for your home, and any excess energy that you don't use goes back through your power meter to power your neighbors and local businesses. You are then given a credit for the power that you have provided to your neighborhood. Homeowners use these credits that are built up during the day at night to power their homes. For those who want to use storage batteries this allows you to be more independent if you want to use a battery to power your home incase of an emergency or use them at night. This battery can be charged daily through your solar panels making you in charge of your energy. 


How do I switch to solar? 

The switch to solar panels in Colorado is seamless and easy here at Skyline Solar. The change to solar can happen in as little as a month. Our experts are here to help you every step of the way to making this transition possible.

Solar Design stages infographic

The first few steps involve having a solar expert check how many solar panels you will need for your house and going over the specific information you will need to get started. These consultations are done virtually and in-person. The next steps are taken care of by us so that way you can just sit back and relax and watch as the process unfolds of preparing your solar installation in Colorado. Our experienced technicians will come and install the system at this point. Next your system goes through the approval process with your city or county and your power utility company. The system is then turned on and will generate free clean energy for decades to come bringing the power of the sun to you and your family.

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